Choosing between Truck Rental or Professional Mover

When making the important decision of moving, it may seem that doing it yourself is the most budget friendly option. However, after considering all the factors, you will see that hiring an affordable mover is the most cost-effective solution.

If you are thinking about renting a moving truck, before doing so, consider the following:

At first, moving truck rental may seem more economical, but you have to add over the price some other factors such as gas, meals, lodging and tolls. Moreover, if you need to miss work to drive the moving truck, this should also be added in the total cost of the self-move.

Ask for assistance your family and friends, and make sure you can count on them. Keep in mind that they should be strong enough to load and unload the truck. Moving from one part of the country to another may seem easier than it really is, better hiring an affordable mover than regretting about it in the middle of the road.

As we said before, self-moving may seem cheaper at first, but when you add all the extra expenses, it may be a more economical solution to hire a professional. First, it is a time and stress saver because the entire moving process is managed by experts, from the packing to the unpacking. Moreover, the items damaged or broken in a professional moving are 80% lower than in a self-move.

Finally, you decide how much you want the moving company to be involved in the process, this means you can pack and unpack your items, and the moving company will only load and unload them in the truck.

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